Legal Aid Camp

About the Programme

On 18th May, 2023 Ishan Institute of Law organized a Legal Aid Camp as part of its commitment to community engagement and promoting access to justice. The aim of the camp was to provide free legal assistance to individuals in need but faced financial constraints, raise awareness about legal rights, and empower the local community. Students gained a better understanding of their legal rights and responsibilities through the educational sessions, workshops, and information booths. A total of 30 Students were given the opportunity to experience the conditions of these marginalized area in Village Pali , District Gautam Buddha Nagar and to provide the people here free legal consultation on dispute related to property, family, domestic violence etc., and to educate the people living in such areas about their right of free Legal Aid in cases of legal dispute. Ishan institute of law conduct these types of awareness programme for the betterment of the Society and for the students to gain practical exposure of the same.

Key Learning Objectives

  • To provide free legal assistance
  • Practical Application of Legal Knowledge
  • Awareness of Legal Rights and Remedies
  • Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Sensitization to Social Issues
  • Understanding Legal Needs & Resource Mobilization
  • Community Engagement and Responsiveness
  • Ethical considerations and Professional responsibilities

Key Outcomes

  • Increased Legal Awareness
  • Access to Justice
  • Developed Problem Solving Skills
  • Empowerment and Self Advocacy
  • Community Engagement

Glimpses of Legal Aid Camp organized by Ishan Institute of Law

Girls Volunteers of Legal Aid Camp, Ishan Institute of Law with local Women
Free Legal Suggestions provided by student’s volunteers to a Man
Volunteers of Legal Aid Camp, Ishan Institute of Law with local villagers
Free Legal Suggestions provided by a Student with the help of a Faculty Member to a Villager
Group Photograph of Legal Aid Volunteers with Faculty Coordinators

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