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Legal education plays a pivotal role in building up the future of a nation by facilitating the procedure for the settlement of disputes and in the process pacifying the smooth functioning of the system and in the administration of justice. Hence, it is very much necessary for the youths of the nation to be aware of their rights and responsibilities which is not possible unless one is furnished with legal knowledge. So it is quite evident that it is not without the legal key that one can open the doors of legal know how.

The Ishan Institute of Law focuses on inculcating the democratic ideals and principles in the young minds of the laws aspirants. The institute focuses on producing fresh litigants, judicial officers, legal officers, academicians, etc., etc.


Ishan Institute of Law believes in and strives towards the “Journey towards excellence”. The Institute of Law thrives constantly to foster the best possible educational environment; still, in the end, it is the students who make their own education. To foster an educational environment we allow the students to strive for the highest level of practice. We provide each student with a caseload that involves a varied group of problems, legal issues, and lawyering skills. Other regular features of Ishan are Moot Court, Legal Aid Clinic, Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Debates and Quiz competitions etc.


B.A.LL.B. 5 Years Integrated Course | LL.B. 3 Years Course

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