Court & Jail Visits

Court & Jail Visits

As a budding law student it is crucial to take part in the Court Proceedings without which it will be extremely difficult in the long run.  Hence, as a law student one must observe a few cases by themselves which help them to become more familiar with legal reasoning, how exactly work at court looks like, and what might be important to see and understand for their own career. A future aspiring lawyer should not be shy, otherwise it will be very difficult to collect information that they need for their research. It is the need of the situation to become confident enough to make a conversation with police officers about cases and exchange impressions and feelings about how the case will go.  What to think it is important to mention that police officers are very friendly and helpful in putting you in the right direction or for answering your questions.

It’s also a good idea to make some notes, especially if you have a problem with remembering all the information. It also prevents stress as it keeps your hands busy. In fact simply writing more and putting the info onto paper help your writing skills, very handy for exams.

You must, however, be ready to hear potentially sensitive details from witnesses, or as part of the evidence, that might be distressing. Some resolve may be required in these situations. As the general experience court staff are very helpful and they try to make things as comfortable and distress free as possible. Ishan Institute of Law organizes Court and Jail Visits on a regular basis for both LL.B. and B.A.LL.B. Students to have a detailed and in depth understanding of the practical approach of their law subjects in their curriculum.


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