Dr. D. K. Garg


Dr. Garg established the cornerstones of Ishan Educational Institution in 1994 driven by a grand vision to deliver unparalleled education to every student. Progressive vision and aspirations aimed at achieving exceptional and top-quality educational outcomes have led to Ishan Educational Institute’s prominence as a premier institution. He has authored numerous books, research journals, and magazines that bear his name.

    O. P. Aggarwal

    General Secretary


    Cultivating a Culture of Hard Work, Integrity, and Value!

    Our educational institution stands as a beacon of learning, nurturing not just academic excellence, but also timeless values that shape strong individuals and responsible citizens.

    “Always work hard, for hard work always pays off.” This adage holds true as a guiding principle. Throughout history, those who have embraced the path of diligent effort have reaped the rewards of their labour, demonstrating that perseverance is the key to unlocking remarkable achievements.

    In the pursuit of knowledge, every step taken is an investment that enriches your intellectual bank. The skills and insights you gather on this journey become tools that empower you to navigate life’s challenges with confidence.

    Upholding integrity and honesty in your actions and interactions not only defines who you are but also fosters an environment of trust and respect within our community.
    And remember, always work in favour of your organization and bring value to the position you hold.

    Tushar Arya

    Chief Executive Officer

    Chartered Accountant (FCA), M.B.A. (Manchester University, England), LL.B., M. Com, B. Com. Hons. (Delhi University), UGC NET

    Strategic leadership and extensive expertise make him a strong CEO who dedicatedly driving the Ishan Educational Institute success through innovative thinking, decisive action and effective team collaboration. His fervour and dedication have propelled the Institute to new echelons of achievement.