Code of Conduct

A. Code of conduct for students

  • Undertaking is sought by all students and parents at the time of Admission.
  • Throughout the academic year, students must attend all classes.
  • Minimum 75% attendance for lectures and practicals are compulsory.
  • Any Student if attendance falls below 75% will not be allowed to appear for University Examinations.
  • All students must carry their identity cards in the campus.
  • Ragging is strictly legally prohibited. If found guilty of ragging, he/she will be liable for strict disciplinary actions.
  • Drugs, Alcohols and Smoking is strictly prohibited in the campus.
  • All students must maintain discipline in the college campus.
  • All students are bound to use assets of the college carefully and properly.
  • Further, the rules and regulations implemented by the affiliating university and UGC are applicable to the students.
  • All students should always carry an identity card during her stay in the college premises.
  • All students should be punctual about attending each class, test and all examinations.
  • All students should maintain peace and dignity in the campus.
  • All students are not allowed to use mobiles in the campus.
  • All students should regularly read the notice board.
  • All students should participate in curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  • All students should appear for internal and external examinations as per the schedule.
  • All students should fill up the feedback form on curriculum, facilities and teachers performance during each semester.
  • All students should be cautious with regard to filling examination and scholarship forms.

B. Code of Conduct for Teachers

  • Every Teacher should maintain absolute integrity.
  • Every Teacher must show devotion to his profession.
  • Every Teacher should prepare Teaching plan of the allotted subjects.
  • Every Teacher should maintain ‘dairy’ and report to management.
  • Every Teacher must utilize the full one hour time of the lecture in the class.
  • Every Teacher must solve the doubts and questions of the students.
  • Every teacher should give freedom to the students to participate in any curricular, co-curricular, extra-curricular, extension activities in or outside the campus.

C. Code of Conduct for Non-Teaching Staff

  • Peons should ensure cleanliness of respective Principal Office, Administrative Area, Staff Rooms Class Rooms, Lab, Library, Computer Lab etc.
  • Lab attendants should ensure the cleanliness and keep ready the respective laboratories for the practical.
  • The administrative staff should ensure the smooth functioning of the student’s admission, examination issues and college/institution administration.

D. Code of Conduct for The Principal

  • The Principal should take all necessary disciplinary actions as and when required to maintain the discipline in the college.
  • The Principal should encourage faculty members to update their knowledge by attending seminars / workshops / conferences.
  • The Principal should encourage faculty members to publish text books, research papers in reputed National / International / Journals / Conferences.
  • The Principal should function as a mediator between the college and the Institutional Stakeholders.