Court & Jail Visits

The purpose of the visit was to understand the working of a court, the nature of duties of the judicial officers. The visit was to help the student in understanding the role of court in dispensing justice in any case, the role of prosecutors in a case, the way cases proceed in a court, the way judges, prosecutors and defense lawyers handle the case, the relationship of the prosecutors and the police. This gave an opportunity to understand the actual need of co- ordination in the justice system. The visit included an in-depth study of the day to day functioning of the Civil and Criminal Courts, at different levels and over a vast variety of cases. The aim was to evaluate the resources available and the distribution of power between the judges, the prosecution, and the defense council.

Ishan Institute of Law had arrange for jail visit in academic session for the newly admitted students. The students learn about the working of the jail administration and prison reforms. Students got an opportunity to talk to the inmates in reformatory where they were making different things. The motive of this exercise was to make the educated inmates aware of their rights so that they could later on help the others to avail their rights.