Moot court session

In a moot court, new knowledge and experience are acquired by combining previous experience, legal information and practical uses. It connects the law student to real court experience. The Students of Law develops the ability to identify the legal subject, arrange various law material, prepare plead arguments, duties of an advocate, nature of judicial system & answering the questions raised by the other side, facing cross examination, answering without losing the temper. Moot court also develops art which will follow the student for the rest of his professional life.

Mock Trial

Mock Trial is a competition in which students simulate a real trial. The trial concerns an official AMTA case that remains the same through the entire academic year. The case alternates between a civil and a criminal case every year. The case is entirely fictional, taking place in the fictional state of Midlands. Teams consist of six to ten members, but only six compete at any given time – 3 attorneys and 3 witnesses. These six people will go against six other people from a different university. Teams must prepare both sides of the case (prosecution/plaintiff and defence) for every competition. This means that any given person could have two roles: one for each side of the case.

Why moot court is Special activity for legal studies

Every legal person knows about the moot court because moot court is a very important activity in every law school. According to bar council of India direction about practical training in new syllabus in law degree four practical training papers have been introduced with the object to provide professional knowledge in law students.

Express your creative side

Some of the most important people on any mock trial team are witnesses. Mock trial offers the chance to develop and play any type of character, from a serious expert psychologist or police officer to child or drunk motivational speaker. As a witness, you can develop your acting skills, improve your impromptu thinking, learn about the law from a unique vantage point, and even experiment with costume design.

Improve your public speaking

No other activity teaches you to communicate and think on your feet like mock trial. After you’ve delivered a closing argument to a panel of federal judges or been forced to improvise a cross-examination, class presentations and discussions will seem like a piece of cake.

MOOT Experince

Mooting is an excellent way to develop your oral advocacy skills and challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone. Prepare for success, be flexible in your approach but most importantly, have fun with it!

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