Celebration of National Voters Day

About the Programme

The National Voters Day Celebration organized by Ishan Institute of law on 25th January, 2023 aimed to create awareness about the importance of voting and encourage youth participation in the electoral process. The event focused on highlighting the significance of exercising the right to vote, educating students about the electoral system, and promoting voter registration among eligible students. Voting is not merely a right; it is a responsibility bestowed upon us as citizens. It is a chance of citizens to have a say in the governance of nation, to elect representatives who will shape policies and make decisions that affect their lives. By casting votes, citizens contribute to the process of nation-building and the progress of the society.National Voters Day was celebrated to create awareness about the importance of voting and to encourage maximum participation in the electoral process, particularly among the youth. It is an occasion to reflect upon the democratic values that our country upholds and to reinforce our commitment to active citizenship.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Encouraging Voter Education and Engagement
  • Promoting Inclusivity and Equal Participation
  • Developing a Sense of Civic Responsibility
  • Emphasizing the Power of Each Vote
  • Promoting Ethical Voting Practices
  • Understanding Electoral System
  • Promoting Voter Awareness

Key Outcomes

  • Inclusion and Equal Participation
  • Sustainable Democratic Culture
  • Increased Voter Awareness
  • Ethical Voting Practices
  • Youth Participation
  • Voter Education

Glimpses of National Voters Day organized by Ishan Institute of Law

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