Celebration of Constitution Day

Ishan Institute of Law celebrated Constitution Day on 26th November 2022 to commemorate the adoption of the Indian Constitution on November 26, 1949. . It holds great significance as it marks the day when the Constitution of India came into effect, replacing the Government of India Act (1935) as the supreme law of the land. The celebration aimed to raise awareness about the significance of the Constitution, promote constitutional values, and encourage students to actively engage with constitutional principles and rights. Dr. D.K Garg, chairmen of Ishan group of institutions inaugurated the event by lighting of the lamp and an invocation. Constitution Day is a way to pay tribute to the framers of the Indian Constitution who worked tirelessly to draft a comprehensive and inclusive document that would serve as the backbone of the nation’s governance. It serves as a reminder of the core values enshrined in the Indian Constitution, such as justice, liberty, equality, and fraternity. It emphasizes the importance of upholding these values in building a democratic and inclusive society. Celebration of Constitution Day at Ishan’s Campus

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the Significance of the Indian Constitution
  • Analyzing Constitutional Principles and Interpretations
  • Promoting Constitutional Values in Society
  • Exploring Fundamental Rights and Duties
  • Promoting Constitutional Awareness
  • Nurturing Constitutional Citizenship

Key Outcomes

  • Foster a sense of ownership and responsibility towards the Constitution
  • Provide a platform to discuss the importance of constitutional values
  • Raise awareness about the Indian Constitution
  • Foster a sense of National Unity
  • Enhancing Legal Literacy

Glimpses of Constitution Day organized by Ishan Institute of Law

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