Guest lecture on “Intellectual Property Rights in Pharmaceutical Industry”

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About the Programme

The guest lecture on the topic of “Industrial Property Rights in the Pharmaceutical Industry” was held on 15th November 2022 at Ishan Institute of Law. The lecture aimed to provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the importance and challenges associated with industrial property rights within the pharmaceutical sector. The speaker for the event was Mr. Jaspreet Singh an esteemed expert in intellectual property law and its application in the pharmaceutical industry. The Lecture provided students with valuable insights into the significance of intellectual property protection and its impact on innovation, market competition, and brand recognition within the pharmaceutical sector.

Further, the students will acquired the comprehensive understanding of intellectual property rights in the pharmaceutical industry, including the various types of rights, their significance, challenges faced, and recent developments. They will be equipped with knowledge to navigate the complex landscape of intellectual property protection and its impact on innovation and market competition within the pharmaceutical sector.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Identifying challenges and recent developments in Intellectual Property Rights
  • Exploring the role of Patents in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Understanding the concept of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Examining Trade Secrets and confidential information
  • Learning about Trademarks and brand protection
  • Understanding Copyrights and data exclusivity

Key Outcomes

  • Understanding of the challenges and complexities in IPR registration
  • Provide real-world examples of IP issues in the pharmaceutical field
  • Knowledge of technology transfer and licensing arrangements
  • Discuss the intersection of IPR and international trade
  • Significance of IPR protection

Glimpses of Guest Lecture on the topic “Intellectual Property Rights in Pharmaceutical Industry”

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