Guest Lecture on “How to prepare for Judicial Service & Future Aspects”

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About the Programme

The Guest Lecture on the topic “How to prepare for Judicial Services & Future Aspects” was held on 14th November 2022 at Ishan Institute of Law. The Key Speaker for the event was Ms. Richa Bhardwaj a Judicial Magistrate First Class has an experience of preparing for Judicial Services Competitive Examination. The Guest Lecture was organized with the aim of providing valuable insights and guidance to Law students and aspiring candidates interested in pursuing a career in the Judiciary. The lecture aimed to shed light on the necessary preparations, strategies, and future prospects for Judicial Service aspirants. Students would become familiar with the eligibility criteria for judicial service examinations, including educational qualifications, age limits, and other relevant factors. More than 60 students attendees were given the opportunity to put forward their queries and concerns to the Guest Speaker related to the Judicial Service Examination.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Familiarity with Eligibility Criteria and Exam Pattern
  • Understanding the Importance of Judicial Services
  • Interview Preparation and Personal Development
  • Recommended Study Materials and Resources
  • Career Prospects and Future Aspect
  • Time Management and Discipline
  • Effective Preparation Strategies

Key Outcomes

  • Insight into the Judicial Service Examination
  • Guidance on Study Strategies and Resources
  • Insights into Career Path and Future Aspects
  • Clarification of Doubts and Queries
  • Tips for Exam Preparation

Glimpses of Guest Lecture organized by Ishan Institute of Law

Mr. Tushar Arya felicitating the Guest Speaker Ms. Richa Bhardwaj
Students of Ishan Institute of Law attending the Guest Lecture
Group picture of Students with the Guest Speaker

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