National Seminar on “Uniform Civil Code in India”

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About the Programme

On 1st April, 2023 Ishan Institute of Law organized the National Seminar on the topic Uniform Civil Code to bring together legal experts, scholars, academicians, and policymakers from across the country to discuss and deliberate on the topic of implementing a Uniform Civil Code (UCC) in India. The event aimed to provide a platform for in-depth analysis and discussions on the legal, social, and cultural aspects surrounding the UCC. More than 180 delegates in which participants were given the opportunity to express their views through paper presentation on the said topic. The topic Uniform Civil Code is a most debatable issue as on today and to the fact as many State Governments constituted committees to recommend Uniform Civil Code. A Panel of Guests were invited to Judge the Research paper presentation done by the participants in the Seminar. The said Panel consist of:

  1. Hon’ble Justice Vinay Kumar Mathur (Retd.) High Court Judicature at Allahabad as chief guest.
  2. Additional District Judge Mr. Rajeev Kumar Vats who is also a Secretary of District Legal Service Authority as Guest of Honor.
  3. Dr. K.K Dwivedi Dean, Faculty of Law, Gautam Buddha University, and Greater Noida was present as the Guest of Honour.
  4. Sr. Advocate Naresh Chand Gupta was invited as a Special Guest.

Key Learning Objectives

  • To explore the challenges and potential solutions for implementing
  • Provided a platform for researchers, scholars, and participants
  • To analyze the legal implications and constitutional aspects
  • Understanding of the concept of a Uniform Civil Code
  • Research and Policy Recommendations
  • Social and Cultural Implications
  • Comparative Analysis


  • First -.  Palak teotia & Srishti Mishra
  • Topic – Uniform Civil Code
  • College– Ishan Institute of Law, Greater Noida
  • Second – Siddharth Dubey & Tabbassum Karim
  • Topic– Applicability of Article 44 and its relevance
  • College – Sharda School of Law, Sharda University, Greater Noida
  • Third– Sachin Kumar Choudhary
  • Topic – One Nation, One law
  • College-Ishan Institute of Law, Greater Noida

Key Outcomes

  • Identify possible solutions for moving forward with the idea of a Uniform Civil Code
  • Examining international and comparative perspectives
  • Understanding the concept of Uniform Civil Code
  • Exploring the constitutional and legal aspects
  • Analyzing social and cultural implications

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