Research Archives

Volume 1, 2023
Published by: Ishan Institute of Law
1 Author Mr. Ramakant Vats 1 to 8
Paper Title A Critical Analysis of Third Gender’s Legal Rights in India  
2 Author Piyush Agarwal & Muskan Sharma 9 to 24
Paper Title An Overview of Marital Rape in India  
3 Author Ms. Ameena 25 to 37
Paper Title  Right to Speedy Justice in India: A Myth  
4 Author Shringharika Tyagi 38 to 51
Paper Title Human Rights of a Prisoner in India  
5 Author Dr. Annu Bahl Mehra & Dr. Suvesh Kumar 52 to 63
Paper Title The Official Secrets Act, 1923: A Critical Review  
6 Author Nishant Rawat 64 to 76
Paper Title Indian System of Government: A Perfect Blend of both Common Law and Civil Law  
7 Author Purnashri Das  77 to 94
Paper Title Emerging Facets of Gender Justice in Light of Hart- Devlin Debate and
Judicial Decisions in India A Conceptual Review on Circadian Rhythm
8 Author Vidhi Mahesh Wari & Jefrin Johny 95 to 112
Paper Title Why Cradle? Let her be to the Deathbed Instead!  
9 Author Garima Mohan Prasad 113 to 128
Paper Title Jurisdictional Approach towards Cyber Crime in India  
10 Author Dr. Ankur Goyal & Ms. Mahima Kathuria 129 to 137
Paper Title A Study of Employment Rights of Disabled in India